Kaleida to Have Meeting with Buffalo School Board Today

Kaleida seeks appeal on board's nursing contract decision

Tom Puckett
June 20, 2018 - 4:00 am

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) A month after Buffalo Schools ended its 13 year working relationship with Kaleida Health, Kaleida is going to get its hearing over its bid to renew its contract.

Last month, Kaleida's Mike Hughes told WBEN he received mixed messages about why Kaleida's bid was rejected, "We're hearing now we were more expensive. No one told us then because we were told our bid was late," says Hughes. He contends Kaleida's bid arrived on time online, however the hard copy version arrived 16 minutes late.

Buffalo School Board member Larry Quinn says he's glad a hearing will take place. "If I told you what I thought, it might pre-empt what the board might do" so he doesn't know what to expect at today's meeting. Quinn does note Kaleida's bid was not the lowest. "If the economic terms were the same, and the proposal had never been considered, there would something to talk about, but the fact is if they had sent their proposal two hours earlier we'd still be in a situation where they'd be more expensive then the group that got (the contract)."

The meeting is scheduled for 4pm.

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