WBEN Photo/Tim Wenger "Parents and Kaleida nurses rallying to save their contract with BPS"

Kaleida Files Lawsuit Against Buffalo Schools

District denied Kaleida's bid for nurses contract

September 18, 2018 - 11:27 am

BUFFALO (WBEN) - After filing a late bid for the Buffalo City Schools contract, Kaleida Health has filed a lawsuit against the district, the board of education, and District Superintendent Kriner Cash.

The 13-year contract between Kaleida Health and Buffalo schools came to an end in June after Kaleida apparently violated the bidding process by submitting a late bid to the district. Buffalo schools decided to go with Sunbelt for the contract instead.

Kaleida wants the school district to reopen the process and consider the company's proposal because Kaleida received no competitive advantage by submitting the hard copy 16 minutes late.

Legal analyst Paul Cambria believes the court decision will come down to what works best for the community.

"I think that the legal issues will be the manner of service, whether or not it was material, whether or not electronic service was sufficient," said Cambria. "Then, the underlying thought on the part of the court is 'what is most beneficial to the community?'"

A spokesperson for the district says the new nurses are working out well, and that the district is happy with the decision.

According to Channel 7, Nathaniel J. Kuzma of the general counsel for the Buffalo School District says, "Certainly the district is confident in its decision and that it was based on the law and consistent and clear district policy. It looks forward to presenting its position to the judge in October."

Cambria expects Sun Belt will try to intervene in this lawsuit by applying to the court as an interested third party.

A court appearance is scheduled for October 24th

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