Jim Kelly Out of the Hospital

Underwent surgery for implants to new bone in his jaw

Tom Puckett
June 22, 2018 - 12:26 pm

via JillMKelly on Instagram


New York, NY (WBEN) Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly is out of the hospital after another round of surgery following a recurrence of oral cancer.

“Mr. Kelly left the hospital after this second stage procedure to help restore his dentition to the reconstructed upper jaw,” says Dr. Mark Urken, Head and Neck Surgeon at Mount Sinai West.

“Everything is moving forward as planned. Jim has some swelling and healing that needs to take place after this recent procedure. We are very thankful for the team of Mount Sinai doctors taking care of Jim. We appreciate the continued prayer and support and trust God with everything.” - Jill Kelly, Jim's wife.

The procedure involved doctors adding tissue into the upper portion of his mouth. Kelly is scheduled to have permanent dentures inserted during a follow-up procedure in September.

Kelly has been unable to eat solid foods since March, when he had surgery to have cancer removed from his jaw after tests revealed a recurrence. The 58-year-old Kelly was initially diagnosed five years ago with oral cancer, and had been cancer free since September 2014.


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