Jacobs Says He Values Endorsements in NY27

Jacobs has support from Pres. Trump and former Congressman Quinn

Tom Puckett
February 20, 2020 - 7:06 pm
Quinn Endorses Jacobs

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Already receiving the endorsement of President Trump, Chris Jacobs has also received the endorsement of former Congressman Jack Quinn.

"I'll take everything I can get," says Jacobs on endorsements. "Congressman Quinn is someone I've viewed as a mentor. He and Tom Reynolds have been supportive of everything I've done in my career." Jacobs says Hamburg is the biggest community in NY27, and says Quinn's endorsement speaks volumes. "He is known throughout the region, but his hometown he has served as town board member and supervisor, it means a lot," notes Jaocbs.

Jacobs says he got an early warning about the president's endorsement. "I had been told by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy there may be such an endorsement but you don't know until it happens, but it's really meant a lot to me," adds Jacobs.

As for ads calling him a never Trumper, Jacobs says "that's been refuted by third party analysis. Clearly, the group that's been funding the attack is the original never Trumper, spending $8 million to take out this president in 2016."

Jack Quinn says you don't take endorsements lightly. "For anybody who says that endorsement doesn't count, I wonder if they think differently if they got it. I wonder if they woke up and someone said the president will endorse you, they'd think it's no big deal. It's not given willy-nilly," says Quinn.

Quinn says he doesn't want to speak for the president but "it's clear as a bell, Jacobs is Trump's man."

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