It's Draft Day!

The Bills currently hold the 9th overall selection

April 25, 2019 - 2:26 am

NASHVILLE (WBEN - Brendan Keany) - It's hard to believe that we're already one year removed from clamoring for a franchise quarterback in the 2018 NFL Draft. With the buildup and hype leading into that day, especially with the amount of draft capital the Bills had stockpiled, there was no question that Buffalo would be trading up to find its franchise centerpiece for years to come.

And they did.

While rookie quarterback Josh Allen didn't have a perfect season by any stretch, he more than showed that he has the play-making ability and high end potential to make Bills fans comfortable that Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott may have struck gold by going up the draft board to snag him.

This year, the narrative is much different. No longer are the Bills concerned with finding the most important position on the football field, but they now have to supply last year's investment with enough tools to make sure he has a real shot at succeeding. Much was done in free agency to address last year's severe lack of talent on the offensive side of the ball, and WGR550 morning host Howard Simon wants the team to continue that trend in the draft:

The offseason for the Buffalo Bills has been all about fixing the offense and helping Josh Allen. I hope Bills general manager Brandon Beane is still in that mindset when the Bills are on the clock Thursday night with the ninth pick in the NFL Draft.

You want to really help the second-year quarterback? Go out and get him a No. 1 tight end, which means the Bills need to select T.J. Hockenson from the University of Iowa. Hockenson is considered the top tight end in this draft, and should be able to make a difference for Allen and company as a rookie.

Of course, there are millions of opinions regarding what the Bills should do with the ninth overall pick. With this year's defense-heavy crop of players, some believe the Bills should find Kyle Williams' replacement on the defensive line, such as stud Houston prospect Ed Oliver.

While others believe Beane should target one of the top offensive linemen to protect Allen, such as highly touted Alabama tackle Jonah Williams.

Yet, there are those who'd prefer the Bills not pick at nine at all. Many would like to see the team do the opposite of what they did last year and trade down to acquire more picks by trading their selection to a team that's desperate to get inside the top-10. Some insiders even says it's more than possible...

The Arizona Cardinals will officially be on the clock at 8 p.m., and each team receives 10 minutes to make their first round selection. Assuming that every team uses its 10 minutes and the Bills remain at the ninth spot, Buffalo should be looking to make their selection around 9:30 p.m. or shortly thereafter.

Let the games begin!

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