Italian Festival Hit or Miss?

Social media seems to indicate a miss

Richard Root
July 17, 2017 - 5:54 am

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - The long-standing tradition of the Italian Heritage Festival had an uphill battle this weekend, thanks to the weather delay Friday and the new location. How did people like the change? 

If Facebook, Twitter and other social media are any indication, festival organizers have some work to do next year.

No one really complained about the rain-delay Friday.  It was the traffic Saturday that seem to attract the most complaints.

On Facebook there were multiple complaints about having to sit in traffic at the outer-harbor to park, and there were other complaints the shuttles couldn't get through.

Some people complained that the gravel ground-cover made it difficult to push strollers through, and others said it was more like a generic carnival than an authentic Italian Festival.

There are quite a few posts that say they're not going back next year.

To be fair, there were people who liked the new location and didn't miss the Italiano in the festival.

A lot of these folks said they were happy to see the security checkpoints as well.

Outer Harbor officials have said they aware of the traffic issues from this year and will work out the kinks in the future.


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