Is It The Beginning Of The End For The SAFE Act?

Congressman Collins to introduce bill that would negate NYS law

Richard Root
July 31, 2017 - 6:32 am
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Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - New legislation being unveiled by Congressman Chris Collins promises to take some of the bite out of the New York Safe Act.

Later today, Rep. Collins will introduce SAGA, or the Second Amendment Guarantee Act. 

The legislation says quite plainly a State may not impose any regulation, prohibition, or requirement that affects the sale, manufacturing or title-transfer of rifles and shotguns - and that any state law that attempts to do that will have no force or effect.

What that means is that the SAGA Act, if signed into law, will negate a couple of provisions in the SAFE Act.

The most immediate effect will be to allow for ammo clips that hold more than 7 rounds.

It is also seems to address the SAFE Act's broad definition of an assault weapon.

What's not clear is if the language is enough to address other controversial aspects of the SAFE Act, like mental health reporting or the SAFE Act's inclusion of universal background checks for rifle and shotgun sales.

Rep. Collins has been a long-time, and vocal, advocate of the Second Amendment. He has criticized the SAFE Act repeatedly, even on the floor of the House.

You can read the language of the SAGA Act HERE.

UPDATED: 2:19 P.M.

Governor Andrew Cuomo's office provided the following statement in response to Rep. Collins' bill

"In 2013, following the Sandy Hook tragedy, New York State rose to the occasion and passed the toughest gun safety laws in the nation. Democrats and Republicans came together to ban assault weapons from coming into the state, ban high capacity magazines and keep guns out of the hands of the dangerously mentally ill, while safeguarding the constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners.

"Now, in a blatant political ploy, Chris Collins is turning his back on New Yorkers and putting millions of people at profound risk. By fighting to roll back vital legislation that protects the people of the Empire State, Collins is demonstrating once again that he is beholden to no one but the gun lobby and entrenched special interests.

"This disturbing bill puts New Yorkers in harm's way - and to make it worse, there is no basis for it. None. The courts have resoundingly upheld New York's law as consistent with the Constitution. We understand that Washington is in turmoil right now - we just ask that they don't do anything to set back the progress we've been able to make despite them."

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