International Flights Out Of Buffalo?

The NFTA is working on it

Richard Root
August 07, 2017 - 6:12 am

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - How cool would it be to book an international flight that originates out of Buffalo? It would be really cool.

The NFTA says they are indeed working on trying to piece together partnerships with European-based airlines.

As Buffalo and Western New York grows, and more businesses with international activity set up shop here, the more international flights make sense.

We already have travelers who routinely drive to Toronto, or have to budget in connecting flights to Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, and other international hubs.

Traveler Amy Jorrisch told WKBW “even if it was just to London a major city that could be a spring board to other places in Europe.”

Remember, it is called Buffalo Niagara International Airport.  The runway is already set up to accommodate the larger planes that fly overseas, and there are already international gates to handle the additional processing and services.

The NFTA is not talking timelines, they are just saying that they're giving it a serious effort.

A decade ago, who would have thought the waterfront would be such a hip destination?  Or we'd have Chick Fil A on the way?  These days, it seems, you never know with Western New York.

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