Incognito Accused Of "Weak Racist Slurs" By Ngakoue

Ngakoue has not clarified if this was during the game

Richard Root
January 08, 2018 - 2:47 am

USA Today Images


Jacksonville, FL (WBEN) - Defensive end for the Jacksonville Jaguars Yannick Ngakoue is accusing the Bills Richie Incognito of using "weak racist slurs".

Ngakoue posted on Twitter after the game "Great win to day! And 64, you goin have to come harder than some weak racist slurs. I’m proud of my African heritage, as are 70% of the other Black players in this league."

Several news organizations say they have tried to reach Ngakoue for clarification, but to no avail.

It's being speculated that Ngakoue is referring to something that happened during the game.

Bills offensive tackle Dion Dawkins later responded to Ngakoue via Twitter "Just for the world to know, everyone always tryna put some bad thing on @68INCOGNITO i was next to my guy the entire game and the entire season and believe me, if he was saying some racist stuff I would have been the first to let him know that was out of line. Cut The BS"

Incognito was suspended from the Miami Dolphins for eight games during the 2013 season for harassment directed at a teammate.  He signed with the Bills in 2015.

Ngakoue was fined $30,387 this past December for making physical contact with a game official during a game with San Francisco.

Ngakoue has also been the subject of numerous articles on the on-going "taking a knee" controversy with the NFL.



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