Immigration Policy Turnover: Examining the Impact

Immigration Attorney helps to break down SCOTUS, Zero Tolerance

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Amherst, NY (WBEN) - Lawyers and law enforcement across the country are still looking to sort through the ramifications of Tuesday's Supreme Court ruling that upheld President Trump's travel ban.

Rosana Berardi of Berardi Immigration law joined WBEN Wednesday morning to help sort through what it means, and who will be impacted.

"This is going to hit hardest for a naturalized US citizen from one of these seven countries that was going to try to bring over a family member," Berardi told WBEN. "If there was someone who is a US citizen who may have a spouse and child in Venezuela, it's going to be very difficult to re-unite that family."

At the same time as the Supreme Court ruling, controversy continues over the Trump Administration's 'zero tolerance' policy at the southern border. Berardi called the situation there a "hot mess," but acknowledged that the discussion resulting from the last year and a half may have a positive impact for those who deal with immigration law on a daily basis.

"Really what we've seen over the last 18 months is people are definitely more mindful of the US immigration laws," Berardi said. "No one really ever talked about the US immigration law, but now people are saying 'Wow, we have this law, we're not going to take a chance. We need our work permits, we need our green cards, so let's be in full compliance.'"

Hear the entire conversation with Berardi below:

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