Ice Jam Flooding a Concern as Rain, Snowmelt Continue

Cayuga, Cazenovia and Buffalo Creeks

Tom Puckett
January 23, 2018 - 4:00 am

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Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Public works crews are keeping a close eye on waters near creeks as rain and ice melt continue.

Erie County Public Works Commissioner Bill Geary says he's particular taking a look at Collins. "Along Route 62, Taylor Hollow in North Collins. That section of road was closed because of ice jam flooding," says Geary. Flood warnings were posted for Cazenovia, Cayuga and Buffalo Creeks overnight.

Bill Geary, Erie County DPW Commissioner, on Ice Jams

Geary says he's getting updates from the National Weather Service and municipal partners. Supplies are also available if needed. "We have at a facility in the northtowns, ove 100 pallets of prefilled sandbags, and each district has sandbags we'll offer up to fire departments if they need it," says Geary.

Geary hopes with a lesser snow pack and ice already breaking up, the flooding will be minimal. 

WBEN stopped by Cazenovia Park Tuesday morning to see the ice jams that have overflown the banks and invaded the park space.  The minor flooding is not impacting residents, roadways or businesses in the area.

Another trouble spot is the Stevenson Street bridge in Buffalo where the water was high and ice jams were present, but water was flowing. Long-arm excavators were at the bridge, which hovers Cazenovia Creek, were moving the slush-ice.

"At the end of last week we came up with the Cotter through the Buffalo River, past South Park," Buffalo Public Works Commissioner Steve Stepniak said. "This is just a precautionary thing around the bridge deckings for some of the stuff that was on the slope wall that actually fell in. It keeps it moving along."

Stepniak said slush-ice isn't as major a concern compared to the thicker ice from last week, though he did say that each situation is unique and presents its own challenges.

Public works officials have not received any calls from homeowners about flooding.

WATCH: Excavator moving the slushy ice at the Stevenson Street Bridge

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