"I Know Who Wrote It"

Michael Caputo on the author of a blistering NY Times Op-Ed

WBEN Photo/Susan Rose


(WBEN) - One former Trump advisor believes he knows who wrote that bombshell New York Time Op-Ed that was fiercely critical of President Trump.

"I know it's a woman," said Michael Caputo, a former Trump advisor and WBEN contributor. "My attorney's trying to keep me from saying her name, but I believe it's a woman. I believe I know who it is. You don't have to look any further than departments of this administration that have completely purged all Trump people from their ranks."

"If you read closely, you'll see it's very cleverly written. That's why the whole parlor game about who she is, is really entertaining." 

He said the person dropped important words, often used by their colleagues to try and throw readers. 

Caputo never questioned the validity of the op-ed, and said he doesn't blame the New York Times for publishing the letter.

"The fact that it comes from a senior administration official gives it some weight. I don't blame the New York Times for doing it. They're certainly going to make some good money off of it."

"Regardless of what she wrote, I can assure you that the Trump administration is filled with people just like her," Caputo said. "The problem is that people who came in to the White House with the President like Reince Priebus and others who were not committed to his agenda spent a great deal of time putting people like her in place so that this person and others can stymie the President's agenda."

Caputo added that he believes the author will quickly be found out and resign from her position.

You can read the New York Times Op-Ed HERE

During the WBEN interview, Caputo was asked if the chaotic 2016 campaign and continued reports of a turbulent White House spoke to the leadership of the President. You can hear the fiery exchange below:



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