Hundreds rally for Trump in Niagara Square

David Bellavia among the featured speakers

Tim Wenger
April 01, 2017 - 2:53 pm

WBEN Photo - Tim Wenger


Bualo, N.Y. (WBEN) - Hundreds rallied in Niagara Square today during what was billed as the Spirit of America rally.  The rally, organized by Tea NY, featured speeches by Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard, Carl Paladino and WBEN's David Bellavia.

Sheriff Howard, quoting President Theodore Roosevelt,  told the crowd, "every immigrant who comes to this country should be required within five years to learn the English language or leave our country"

David Bellavia

Buffalo School Board member Carl Paladino addressed the crowd, saying, "we won....we were the winners....if this is the way they express pain it's fine with me".  Paladino was referencing the outcry from the vocal demonstraters behind police lines who were chanting "hey-hey, ho-ho, Paladino's got to go". 

Dozens of protesters were on hand for the permitted event but were not allowed inside the event area in Niagara Square as they were not permitted to protest.  Buffalo Police tell WBEN there were no significant incidents and no arrests at the event.

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