How Soon Can Collins be Replaced?

Committee re-elections on Friday night part of legal hurdles

Mike Baggerman
September 12, 2018 - 3:00 am

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) – Erie County Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy is hopeful that a candidate to replace Congressman Chris Collins on the ballot will be announced soon.

It appears, after speaking with WBEN, that the local republicans have a plan but are unable to announce it due to legal reasons.

“There’s eight counties in the district and state parties that have jurisdiction in this situation,” Langworthy said while adding elections for upcoming leadership is soon. “Those that are in the even year this year – such as myself…Niagara County, Ontario County, and Orleans County- we must hold our party re-elections in order to conduct business on any substitutions.”

Election law experts advised Langworthy to wait until after the leadership re-election to announce a selection.

“Here we find ourselves,” Langworthy said. “We’re closing in on primary day, things will start to happen.”

Local leadership will be at their headquarters on Thursday night for the primary and Langworthy said that the leadership re-election, which is typically done at towards the end of the month, will, instead, be held on Friday night.

Following the re-election step, the leadership can then address vacancies. Langworthy gave the example of vacancies in Eden and Amherst.

“Those get filled by a document and instrument called a ‘certificate of nomination’ which is signed by me, as county chairman, to fill spots where they were not eligible to have a primary,” Langworthy added. “It’s basically a permission slip for us to put a candidate on the ballot. Those can’t be turned in until after the primary.”

Last month, Amherst Town Clerk Marjory Yaeger announced her plans to resign on September 18 because of a new position she took at the University at Buffalo. A resignation on the 18th guaranteed that the Amherst Town Clerk position will be on the ballot this November. Langworthy said that Yaeger’s move has been long in the works.

Candidates to replace Collins on the ballot include Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw, Carl Paladino, State Assemblymen Ray Walter and Steve Hawley, State Senators Rob Ortt and Chris Jacobs, and Erie County Legislators Lynne Dixon and Ed Rath.

Langworthy said that republicans in Western New York aren’t the only ones who are attempting to shuffle around the ballots come November. He said that there are efforts underway to remove Cynthia Nixon from the Working Families Party line in the gubernatorial race should she lose to Cuomo on Thursday and, instead, move her to the assembly race and battle incumbent democrat Deborah Glick in the 66th Assembly District. According to the New York Post, if Nixon lost the primary, Douglass Seidman, who is currently on the ballot for the WFP, would run for a judgeship and be replaced by Nixon. Moving Nixon to the assembly race would prevent Governor Cuomo from losing democrat votes in November.

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