How to Move 200 Patients to a New Hospital? Practice and Plan

Women and Children's Hospital Holds Planning Rehearsal

Dave Debo
September 22, 2017 - 5:49 am

Kalieda Health Photo


(WBEN) The move of patients into the new Oishei Children's Hospital will not take place until early November, but a team of ambulances, volunteer escorts and even actors posing as patients will execute a dress rehearsal of sorts today.

The 200 bed hospital on Bryant Street in the Elmwood Village is being replaced by a new $270 million facility on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus adjacent to Buffalo General Hospital and the new University at Buffalo Medical School.  And while most of the equipment in the Oishei facility will not have to come from the Elmwood Village location, patients will.

A team of actors will join hospital staff to simulate the preparation and planning that will occur with each  patient move Friday morning. 

Outpatient clinics at the Bryant Street location already relocated to the Conventus building on the medical campus in January.  The Emergency Room and patients will move to the new a 12-floor, 185-bed, free-standing, facility (pictured R)  during a day-long effort  tentatively scheduled to begin on  weekend of Nov. 10 weather  permitting. 

During the move--which could take up to 48 hours to complete --  there will be a detailed plan for each patient, tracking them from one facility to the next.

"There will be a team of people with a manifest for each patient.  and its actually down to the minute from when they leave Bryant Street and go to their new home," says Kaleida Health CEO Jody Lomeo .

The simulation is scheduled for 7:45 

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