How Could Zoning Code Changes Affect Metro Rail Expansion?

NFTA says this could complement Metro Rail expansion efforts

Tom Puckett
March 21, 2019 - 4:00 am

Metro Rail Expansion meeting at Sweet Home Middle School. December 6, 2018 (WBEN Photo/Mike Baggerman)


Amherst, NY (WBEN) With Amherst considering changing its zoning code to allow more green space on Niagara Falls Boulevard, some are wondering how this could affect plans to expand the NFTA Metro Rail to the northtowns.

State Senator Tim Kennedy says Supervisor Brian Kulpa knows what he's talking about. "The supervisor is someone who knows infrastructure extremely well. He's an urban planner by trade, and he's coming in armed with facts and best pracitces," says Kennedy. He says the change is a factor in the development. "These days, people want walkable, liveable neighborhoods, not multi lane boulevards lined with strip malls. So, the proposed extension is going to go a long way toward that," say Kennedy.

Kennedy says a new Metro Rail will have a positive impact on retail and businesses, which is why it's endorsed by the Amherst Chamber of Commerce and Buffalo Niagara Partnership. "Expanding the light rail from downtown to the UB north campus in Amherst and using all the opportunities we have to bring that energy and youth into the core of our community

Helen Tederous with the NFTA says the plan will fit into the light rail expansion. "The plas support our overall objectives. When you create walkable communiiies, it's a complement to public transportation and people use public transportation in walkable communities," says Tederous.

"When you talk about the expansion, the overall objective is to promote efficient public transportation, and this is in alignment with our goals," says Tederous. "We help and complement and collaborate with the planners and it's a continuous conversation on details."

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