Hospitals Dealing With Coronavirus Stress Even before the 'Surge'

Catholic Health CEO Joins WBEN

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Though public health officials tell us the worst of the Coronavirus outbreak in Western New York is still maybe weeks away, the impact is already being felt at local hospitals. 

On Thursday, Kaleida Health CEO Jody Lomeo told WBEN that capacity is getting more and more limited by the day

Friday, Catholic Health CEO Mark Sullivan detailed how their hospitals are dealing with the new day-to-day influx of patients.

 “Just this week we’ve focused on closing particular units within each hospital in Catholic Health, so now they are dedicated COVID-units,” Sullivan said. 

Confining Coronavirus patients to a certain area will help limit the spread, as well as the need to change protective equipment.

In another effort to help ease the stress on their system, Catholic Health received State approval for the first Coronavirus recovery center, something Sullivan expects to help reduce the stress on hospitals.  

“The surge is not just about acute care sites, where do people go once they’ve recovered?”

Sullivan said that predictive analytics run inside Catholic Health say that the ‘surge’ is anticipated in Western New York is expected to take place anywhere from two weeks to a month from now.

Finding the exact time the ‘surge’ or ‘apex’ will happen is tough without extensive testing, but that hasn’t been able to happen because to the testing supply across the country. Sullivan is still hoping that changes.

“We will have rapid testing in Western New York. That is my mission,” Sullivan said. “The key is going to be who gets the testing.”

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