"Horrific and Chaotic" Grape Street Shooting Kills Grandmother & 17 Month Old

Two Dead, Two More Injured in Early Monday Fruit Belt Shooting


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) - Buffalo Police say two are dead, including a 54-year-old grandmother and her 17-month old grandson, after a shooting in Buffalo's fruit belt neighborhood early Monday morning.

"It's been described to me as both an extremely chaotic as well as horrific scene," Buffalo Police Captain Jeff Rinaldo told reporters. "It appears as if there was some type of family gathering. People were gathering on their porch when a number of unknown persons approached the porch and opened fire."

The shooting happened just after 12:30 early Monday morning in the 200 block of Grape Street. Two other males, ages 34 and 48, were treated & released from ECMC after being struck by gunfire in the leg area.

"We are absolutely in need of the public's help with this," Rinaldo said. "This is a horiffic, horrific crime, when a 17-month-old child get shot and killed on a city street. We cannot allow this to happen. I can tell you that our entire homicide unit is going to work this relentlessly until we bring someone to justice."

Mayor Byron Brown calls the shooting very tragic and sensless violence.

"The public is really outraged by this shooting and demanding justice," Mayor Brown said.

Anyone with information is asked to call 847-2255 or Buffalo Police's Homicide Office at 851-4466.

Police say they continue to investigate the incident, and will provide further updates later this morning.




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