Hope Day for Catholic Charities

Donations are matched dollar for dollar


Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - A one day fundraising blitz known as "Hope Day" for Catholic Charities was launched on Friday.

Donations raised on that one day will be matched dollar for dollar in the ongoing effort to reach the appeal's $11 million dollar goal.

"Last year when we were running our appeal, we decided to have a day of giving," said campaign co-chair John Daly. "People could make a donation and every gift was matched so the donations were doubled.  In that one single day, we raised over $400,000, which was huge. So we're back to do it again this year," he said.

This year it's called Hope Day. The theme of the campaign is "help your neighbor find hope". 

Donations, up to nearly $150,000, will be doubled through midnight Friday.

Daly assures donors that Catholic Charities is a not-for-profit organization that is separate from the Catholic Diocese. "All of the funds collected go to the programs funded by Catholic Charities. There is no association with the Diocese and the sex abuse scandal. "I want everyone to know that your gift will do a lot of good". 

Last year Catholic Charities helped 153,000 people in Western New York and the need is there again this year.

The deadline for the campaign is the end of June.  As of Friday morning the campaign was just shy of 8 million dollars.  "We think we're going to make the goal," said Daly. "And we'll keep trying until we do". 

Donate HERE to Catholic Charities HOPE Day. Or call 716-218-1400.

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