Hochul on WBEN Answers Questions on Ventilators

“There is no way that we’ll leave Western New York unprotected.”


Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - After an outcry of concern after Governor Andrew Cuomo announced plans for an Executive Order that would allow the state to move unused ventilators from one part of the state to another, his office is working to alleviate fears that certain areas would be left without the necessary equipment. 

“There are individuals who jumped right on this, tried to politicize it, and gave out wrong information that ventilators would be taken in the dead of night,” Hochul said. “None of that is true. That’s absolutely irresponsible.”

Over the weekend, local officials confirmed that no ventilators have been moved out of Western New York.

“I understand the fear,” Hochul said. “I don’t know if there’s going to be a scenario where a single ventilator needs to leave Erie County, but I give the Governor credit for having a plan in place that if a place like Erie County becomes the hotspot in two weeks, that we don’t have to worry because he will deploy ventilators from other parts of the state to help us.” 

Hochul described the idea as similar to what happens during a snow storm, where plows and other equipment can be deployed to help Western New York.

Right now, Hochul said the need is in the New York City area, Which is home to about 95% of the state’s Coronavirus cases.

“There is no way that we’ll leave Western New York unprotected.”

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