Hoatson Repeats Call for Malone Resignation

Hoatson upset over Monday news conference

November 08, 2018 - 6:25 pm

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Priest abuse victims' advocates were back in front of the Buffalo Diocese headquarters Thursday calling again for Bishop Richard Malone's resignation.

"The press conference run by Bishop Malone was nothing short of pathetic," says Robert Hoatson of Road to Recovery. "Isn't it clear by now that Bishop Malone, had he not been forced by courageous victim survivors, to begin to confront this issue, would still not have told the truth about pedophile priests."

Hoatson says when it comes to the sexual abuse of children, he can't find answers to those answers. That's not the same when it comes to money. "If someone took money from the church, they'd be out immediately," contends Hoatson.

Hoatson wonders what the clergy is doing to protect the diocese. "I guarantee you if the pope got a petition from 50 priests, Bishop Malone would be gone," says Hoatson.

Hoatson is upet over the news conference where he couldn't believe one worker said Malone told her to organize files on accused priests a year ago. Malone has been here six years.

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