Hoatson Again Calling for Malone's Resignation

Says MRT's demand is a "big move"

Brendan Keany
September 06, 2019 - 1:15 pm

Brendan Keany


BUFFALO (WBEN) - "Malone has created moral, ethical and administrative chaos," said prominent victims advocate Robert Hoatson, who serves as the president and founder of Road to Recovery.

Hoatson, like many have throughout the week, stood outside the Buffalo Diocese on Friday morning to again call for Bishop Richard Malone's resignation. He commented on the Movement to Restore Trust and their decision to call for Malone to resign on Thursday.

"They've realized now that this man is incapable of reforming anything; in fact, it's just the opposite," said Hoatson. "It finally dawned on them - if they had listened to us in the beginning and not gone into this silly movement for the restoration of trust, they would have found out that they could have avoided this a long time ago and called for his resignation a long time ago."

Although Hoatson was visibly frustrated that it took the Movement to Restore Trust so long to come to this conclusion, he added that it is still a major move and could have serious repercussions.

"It could be a tipping point, yes," he said. "It is a major move - the fact that his own kind of kitchen cabinet of support and kitchen cabinet of reforms has now turned on him and said you must leave - it could be the tipping point."

With all of the calls for a new bishop to help the Buffalo Diocese recover after what has been a tumultuous two years, there is concern that another bishop won't move the needle in leading the diocese forward. Hoatson acknowledged that argument but essentially countered by saying  it's a risk that needs to be taken.

"The fact that a CEO has completely mismanaged, mishandled and made a mess of, not only a corporation but a community, he has to go," Hoatson responded. "Now, it is not likely that we will get a completely opposite kind of bishop here, but we have to take that risk. He can't stay; no CEO who does this can stay. Most bishops will come out of bishop school, which is not a good school to be in, but we might find somebody who will be told by Pope Francis, 'I want this mess cleaned up or else,' and we can only hope for that."

Listen to Hoatson's entire press conference below:

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