Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi To Speak At Cong. Slaughter Funeral

Pres. Clinton, 40 Members of Congress To Attend Roch. Service

Dave Debo
March 23, 2018 - 6:32 am

(WBEN)   Congresswoman Louise Slaughter's funeral  in Rochester today will include speeches from Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton Friday, when the long serving Buffalo and Rochester area representative is laid to rest with a public service in the Eastman Theater

 Congressman John Lewis, the Georgia congressman and civil rights leader will also speak and more than 40 members of Congress are expected to attend d

The Rochester Area Democrat represented Buffalo twice before being re-districted closer to her Rochester-area home.

Slaughter was serving her 16th term in the House, and her 31 years in the chamber were the third longest, according to the official House website. She chaired the Rules committee from 2007 through 2010.

 Slaughter died Friday days after falling in her residence, her top aide said. The 88-year-old lawmaker had been the first woman to chair the House Rules Committee and was her party’s top member on the panel when she died.

Slaughter had a degree in microbiology and was originally from Harlan County, Kentucky, and her soft, twangy accent always seemed out of place for someone representing a district around Rochester, New York. But she was repeatedly re-elected —including a narrow victory in 2014 — and was the longest-serving member of Congress from New York when she died.

“Louise never forgot her roots as the daughter of a Kentucky blacksmith,”  Pelosisaid in a statement. “She brought the grace and grit of her Southern background to her leadership in the Congress, building bridges and breaking down barriers all with her beautiful accent. Louise could be fiercely debating on the floor in the morning, and singing in harmony with her colleagues across the aisle in the evening.”

Congressman Brian Higgins - who will also attend today's services-- took to the House Floor to honor her accomplishments earlier this week:


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