Hateful Grafitti At Another WNY Elementary School Playground

Maple East Latest , After Windemere Blvd Last Week

WKBW Photo


For the second time in as many weeks, an elementary school playground has been dotted with hateful grafitti.

Amherst Police telll 7 Eyewitness News that the playground at  Maple East Elementary School was covered in "vulgar slurs and derogatory comments "over the weekend. 

" 'Sit here if gay," was written on a playground seat. The N-word was written on the side of the building. The playground slide was also vandalized," Channel 8 reported

The grafitti has since been removed. 

“We are fully committed to providing a safe, productive learning environment for our students.” said  Williamsville schools superintendent  Scott Martzloff, in a statement to Channel 7.  “We will not stand for destructive acts of hate and intolerance on our school campuses or in our classrooms.”

Last week, Police began investigating a similar series of messages at the Windermere Boulevard Elementary School in the Amherst district, where a Star of David and a Nazi Swastika were scrawled. 

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