Gyms still a question mark when it comes to reopening

Hochul: "We want to get it right"

Empty stair climbers at a closed fitness center

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Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) "We're working on it."  New York State Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul on WBEN Thursday morning when asked for an update on the reopening of gyms and fitness centers.

"I know they're frustrated. But when I was at the University of Buffalo medical school recently, meeting with a panel of experts, the number one concern they had, when comparing activities like restaurants, malls, casinos and fitness centers; gyms frightened them the most," she said.

"By their nature, people are indoors for a longer period of time. They are stationary and exuding body fluids. And droplets of the coronavirus can go airborne and linger in the air, exposing someone else. This is a concern," said Hochul "and medical experts told us this is one of the riskiest activities."

Hochul added, there could be a way to get it right. "We're taking advice from gym owners. But, there is a reason New York State went from number one in the nation - in terms of rate of infection - to having the lowest rate of infection. It's because we relied on the data and science to chart our way through these turbulent waters."

About 3,500 gyms and fitness centers are considering a class action lawsuit against Governor Cuomo.

Gym owners feel they have not been given due process and a chance to open and show they can do it safely like other businesses.

"This is a wildly unpredictable virus," said Hochul. "We cannot sit here in July and declare success. It would be irresponsible if we did. We're going to continue to take a cautious approach that has saved lives, protected New Yorkers and given a template of what to do right to the rest of the nation." Sadly, she said a lot of states are not following it. 

"All I know is that I'd rather be a New Yorker right now than than in any other state in the nation, in terms of knowing we have leadership that will make the right decisions."


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