Guilty Verdicts in Kingsmen Trial

Three defendants convicted of all counts in murder, drug conspiracy

May 18, 2018 - 2:27 pm

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) - Three members of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club were convicted Friday by a federal jury of all counts stemming from a 2014 double murder.

Andre Jenkins, 39, was found guilty in the 2014 shooting deaths of North Tonawanda members Daniel 'DJ' Szymanski and Paul Maue. Jenkins is already serving a life sentence without parole. Kingsmen National President David Pirk, 67, ordered Jenkins to kill Szymanski and Maue. Timothy Enix, 58, was convicted of conspiracy plus drug and weapons charges, but not the murder.

WATCH: A guilty verdict in the Kingsmen trial

The trial for the three began four months ago and featured interviews with over 60 witnesses.

"With this verdict, the ringleaders of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club have been exposed as the killers, drug dealers, mysoginsts, and gun-toting thugs they really are," United States Attorney James Kennedy said. "All of those people who have been responsible for the senseless murders of Paul Maue and Daniel 'DJ' Szymanski have been finally brought to justice."

Pirk and Jenkins face a maximum of life in prison. Enix faces 20 years for the conspiracy count plus another 30 years for the drug and weapons charges. The three will be sentenced in federal court on September 25.

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