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Gronk Nation Donates $50,000 to Oishei Children's Hospital

"Whenever we have the chance, we just love to give back to the kids."

June 17, 2019 - 1:38 pm

BUFFALO (WBEN - Brendan Keany) - Last month, the Kiss Cares for Kids/WBEN Radiothon possessed a goal to raise $173,000 to enable Oishei Children's Hospital to purchase a brand new ENT Tower, which will enhance imaging capabilities for ear, nose and throat conditions.

On Monday morning, Gronk Nation presented a check to the Radiothon of $50,000, bringing the total amount of money raised to more than $263,000.

"It's a little different being back now that I'm retired, Buffalo kind of accepts me a little bit more - we were out Saturday night, and they were all giving cheers at our charity event and everything, so it was cool to finally be accepted once again where I grew up, so I decided to come back and start giving back," joked Rob Gronkowski, the longtime start tight end for the New England Patriots.

Gronkowski then opened up on why this donation makes sense for him and his foundation, as it was the first time Gronk Nation has made a donation to children's hospital here in Buffalo.

"I just had a great opportunity as a kid growing up, to succeed," he said. "Therefore, throughout my pro career, my family and I started Gronk Nation, a youth foundation, to help kids out there that are less fortunate that are in need of football equipment or donations to hospitals if it's up in New England or here in Buffalo. As kids growing up, we had all the tools to succeed, so whenever we have the chance, we just love to give back to the kids in the communities that we've been involved in growing up or been a part of in the New England area, so it's cool to be back in Buffalo, see everyone here, and be at this top of the line new hospital."

Kiss 98.5's Janet Snyder was there for the presentation, and she was nothing but grateful for the contribution that Gronk Nation made to the Buffalo community.

"The number of children that Gronk Nation has touched across the country, every child counts, whether it's the City of Buffalo or any other city that you've helped, we're standing with people who care about the lives of children, and it's an honor to have this money go toward this hospital, so thank you," she said.

Listen to the full press conference below:

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