Government Avoids Shutdown, but War of Words Will Continue

"It's going to pass, but it's nothing"


(WBEN) - Though it appears that Congress has come to a temporary agreement to fund the government and avoid a shutdown just before the holidays, that doesn't mean the debate over a spending bill will truly come to a close.

"Well, it's going to pass, but it's nothing," said Congressman Brian Higgins.

The bill would keep the government open until February 8.

Higgins told WBEN Thursday that he's tired of kicking the can down the road when it comes to government funding.

"Uncertainty and disruption, it's not good for the larger economy and the stock market, and that hurts everybody," Higgins said. "Congress has a Constitutional responsibility to pass a budget. This nonsense about continuing resolutions is just an acknowledgement of a failure to decide and to act."

President Trump hasn't said if he'll support a temporary funding measure approved by the Senate, but his White House has made clear it will review whatever can pass Congress.

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