Girl Scouts of WNY React to Boy Scouts Allowing Girls

Organization understands convenience issue, but feels girls will do better in single gender atmosphere

Tom Puckett
October 12, 2017 - 4:00 am

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The Boy Scouts of America announced Wednesday it will welcome girls into Cub Scouts starting next year, and older girls into programs similar to Boy Scouts in 2019.

"We really feel Girl Scouts is the best positioned organization to serve girls. We have over 100 years experience doing it, girls are never an afterthought for us, and we really feel it's been proven girls thrive in a single gender environment," says Alison Wilcox, Chief Operating Officer of Girl Scouts of WNY. "When they're in a safe, inclusive, single gender environment where they take risks and challenge themselves, they do better."

Wilcox says volunteers have children in both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. "Scouting is often a traditional activity for families, so we're still committed to working with Boy Scouts," says Wilcox, who understands the convenience factor. "They felt they were trying to address families' needs to have both in one location. We are looking to reduce barriers for scouting participation. We are committed to scouting and our mission for girls," adds Wilcox.

Wilcox says the Girl Scouts of WNY serves 15,000 girls in the region, and is in a position to grow, plus it has robust programs like camping, archery, as well as STEM programs.  

Former Boy Scout leader Bill Kindel of Amherst thinks it's a terrible idea to allow girls to join Boy Scouts.  "Boy Scouting is a rough and tumble sport and it teaches a lot of worthwhile things. But boys and girls are just plain different and should be kept separate at that age".   Kindel thinks the policy change is political correctness gone too far. 

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