Former Coach, YMCA Volunteer Sentenced

Probation, Sex Offender Status for man who sent indecent materials

Mike Baggerman
May 30, 2019 - 8:39 am

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) - Former youth soccer coach and YMCA volunteer Francesco Maccarrone was sentenced to Five years probation and has to register as a Level 1 sex offender after being sentenced on Thursday.

Maccarrone, 43, pleaded guilty to sending indecent materials to a girl on March 5

He was a volunteer at a local YMCA and girls basketball and soccer coach. He also coached at Nardin Academy and for the Police Athletic League.

Maccarrone's actions were caught in a phishing attempt by one of his former players. The girl, now 14, was told from a former teammate and friend, who now lives out of state, that Maccarrone sent her inappropriate messages.

"She initially told the coach she was 16 years old," Erie County District Attorney John Flynn said. "The coach then sent explicit language, pictures of his body but not private parts, and then at some point in the going back and forth, she told the coach she was only 14...At some point, they agreed to meet. The meeting did not take place but the fact they agreed to meet is what made it a 'D' felony."

The local victim told her grandmother about the planned meet up on Christmas Day.

Flynn said that the local victim is, in fact, a victim, but noted that her hands were not totally "clean" in this situation.

"The victim here was the one who initiated, I guess," Flynn said. "The girl here, when she was told by her friend that moved to Wisconsin, she phished."

Flynn said that Maccarrone was clearly a criminal in this situation but wouldn't characterize the girl as a "vigilante".

"I have no problem publicly scolding her saying you shouldn't have phished and engaged in this," Flynn said. "If this was my daughter I would scold her personally. This is a lesson for her to see how these things can get out of control. If the meeting had taken place then something bad may have happened. Fortunately, she had enough sense to say 'This is wrong. I'm telling grandmother. I'm not meeting him'."


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