Former BPD officer Cariol Horne introduces 'Cariol's Law'

Would protect officers who stand against police brutality

Brendan Keany
June 30, 2020 - 12:35 pm
Cariol Horne

[WBEN Photo - Brendan Keany]


BUFFALO (WBEN) - Outside of Buffalo Police headquarters Tuesday morning, former officer Cariol Horne and about 15 supporters held a press conference to introduce Cariol's Law to the public.

"Cariol's Law will protect officers who stand up against police brutality, and they will not be treated as I have been," said Horne. "It is the duty to intervene - there will be no retaliation, or there will be prosecution if there is retaliation, and there will be a registry so officers cannot go from one department to another if they have a bad record."

According the legislation's website, "Cariol's Law is a proposal for legislation to have a mandatory stature on police bystander intervention, provide protection from retaliation, require external investigation with mandated reprimanding for abuse or misconduct, create a required reportable registry."

"There's people today who are being beaten by police - we need Cariol's Law...because it's important to our community, and it's important to black and brown people across the entire country," said activist Myles Carter. " 

Prior to the 2006 incident, Horne had served 19 of the required 20 years on the department to receive her pension, and she still has not received a pension to this day - something activists are fighting for as well.

In mid-June, the Buffalo Common Council sent a resolution to the New York Attorney General's office, asking them to review the case.

However, Horne said she has not been contacted by the office to this point.

Listen to the full press conference below:

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