Former Bill Mark Campbell Shares Coronavirus Story

“I am a young guy, in shape, and this thing really kicked my butt.”

Former Buffalo Bills TE Mark Campbell

USA Today Images

(WBEN) - Former Buffalo Bills Tight End Mark Campbell has been used to powering through injury and illness, but Coronavirus was something totally different.

“I am a young guy, in shape, and this thing really kicked my butt.”

Campbell, who played with the Bills from 2003 to 2005, was one of the first in his area of Michigan to contract the virus. He didn’t initially qualify to receive a test because of his healthy background, so he spent the first week of being sick isolated in his home, away from his family.

“At day 12, there was a bout a 24-hour period, where if I’m being totally honest with you, it was a little bit scary,” Campbell told WBEN. “At day 12 I started to labor to breathe. It’s not like I couldn’t breathe… but what it is is you just feel like you can’t get that oxygen. You can’t get that deep breath of relief.”

“It was time to go to the hospital.”

While at the hospital, he finally got the test that confirmed he had COVID-19.

He received doses of Plaquenil, and over the course of a couple days, began to wean himself off the oxygen that helped him finally fill his lungs.

Upon leaving doctors told him to continue to self-isolate, even though he was well enough to go home.

Now, Campbell is hoping that sharing his story can convince people to listen to public health guidelines on staying inside and social distancing, especially those who don’t think they’re at risk of serious complications.

“You don’t want it. The risk is not worth it.”

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