First Day of Summer In Buffalo; Far Nicer Than Phoenix

Cooling Trend Here as Heat Wave Hits Southwest

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(WBEN/ABC) Buffalo starts the season with some  beautiful weather bragging rights, while the first day of summer brings some of the worst heat the southwestern U.S. region has seen in years.

Around here, the start of the summer season will actually turn slightly cooler, according to National Weather Service Meteorologist Tony Ansuini.

"We will see more of our air coming out of Canada, lasting until the early part of July," Ansuini says, "But then as we get into the latter part of the summer it will turn to a more typical pattern."  

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Meteorologists said Tuesday's temperature in Phoenix (pictured left) topped out at 119 degrees, a mark that's only been matched or surpassed four other times in the city's recorded history. The all-time high was 122 degrees on June 26, 1990.

Death Valley, California, reached 125 Tuesday and Palm Springs hit 121, still a degree lower than the same day last year.
Workers at a construction site in a Phoenix suburb huddled under the shade of an excavator during a break. At another building site, men in hard hats and yellow vests labored and sweated in the heat, downing water to stay hydrated.

Las Vegas also baked. Visitors tried to stay inside air-conditioned casinos, and some tourists lugged packs of bottled water around the Strip. Others went to a bar where the temperature is set at 23 degrees (-5 Celsius) and glasses, walls and seats are sculpted from ice.

Tonya and Lavonda Williams traveled from Orlando, Florida, to Sin City to see the Backstreet Boys in concert. Walking on the Strip in 112 degrees was too much to handle, even for people accustomed to heat.

"This is like the oven door is open," Lavonda Williams said as the sisters walked from a pedestrian bridge into The Palazzo casino-resort.

"It's too hot to even drink alcohol," Tonya Williams added.

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