Fee Expected to be Added to Thursday Concerts This Year

Full Lineup, $5.00 Fee Expected to be Announced Thursday


Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - One of the signs that summer is just around the corner will happen tomorrow afternoon when the lineup for the Thursday Canalside Concert Series will be announced. This year though, it might not be the music everyone is talking about.

WBEN has learned that there will be a $5.00 admission fee for the Thursday concerts this year. 

"Maybe they figure it's a way to keep out people that just want to get drunk," said Buffalo Common Council member David Franczyk. "It doesn't seem like a lot of money to me, but people are used to it being free, so that might be something for people to get used to."

While he said he wasn't aware of the plan to charge for admission at the formerly free concerts, Congressman Brian Higgins said he is against the idea, no matter what the price.

"We would fight that," said Higgins. "People have been denied access to the waterfront for 75 years, and we've brought in a lot of money through our Power Authority and through the Federal Government to help create Canalside and the waterfront. People shouldn't be charged. That's their tax dollars that went toward the development of the Buffalo waterfront. We don't want to tax them twice."

A fee will likely be just the first of several changes to come for the concert series. The stage is expected to be moved from its now familiar location beginning in 2018 to accommodate the placement of a historic carousel and construction of a structure surrounding it.

Details about the concert series are scheduled to be unveiled at a news conference at 5:30 Thursday evening.

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