Fans Still Talking About Peterman

Not that he should start, but why he started in the first place

Richard Root
November 27, 2017 - 6:21 am

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - You'd think a win might put to bed the debate over the Coach Sean McDermott's decision to start Nathan Peterman last week.  However, that wasn't the case after the game yesterday.

Bills fans calling into WGR 550 didn't want to talk. much, about what Tyrod Taylor did in the game, and Tre'Davious White's interception toward the was hardly mentioned.

Fans were far more interested in hashing out the Nathan Peterman decision.

Some were making the argument Coach Sean McDermott started Peterman to send a message to Tyrod Taylor. 

"What happened was exactly what we needed, " one fan said, "it was a wake up call, it was a knock, it was a bold move from McDermott to his players, especially his veterans."

"It was a kind of little slap in the face, or whatever it was, to make [Tyrod Taylor] be the quarterback we think he could be," another fan mused.

"Going to Nate Peterman was not saying Nate Peterman would be Tom Brady," one caller explained, "but if we could get slightly better production out of the quarterback position then maybe we have a chance."

Of course, there were fans who think it's crazy Coach Sean McDermott was trying to send a message to anyone.

"You put a fifth round pick in there, I mean the first four passes the guy throws are going the other way," a fan argues, "what was McDermott thinking?"

Anyone else think this debate over the Peterman decision is likely far from over?


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