The Famous Red Kettles Go High Tech

Salvation Army will accept "touch pay" donations from your phone

Tom Puckett
November 18, 2019 - 4:00 am

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) When you hear the famous bells and see the even more famous red kettle and you have no cash, no problem. The Salvation Army is going high tech with donations. 

"We're thrilled at the opportunity this will give us in the community," says Laura Krajna of the Salvation Army here in Buffalo, referring to the touch pay system. "You'll see a PayPal and a Google Touch Pay and if you have those apps downloaded, you can just touch right next to the sign. That will take you to your PayPal page, put the amount in, hit send, and your donation is on is way." Krajna says with older phones you can use QR codes to scan and make your donation.

Krajna says donations will go to the nearest Salvation Army to the donor's billing zip code. "If you live in 14226 and go to one of the malls, it will go to the Salvation Army in Buffalo," explains Krajna, who notes if you see a kettle out of town, you can make a donation and it will go here. "If you're in Michigan and you see a sign and touch it, the money will go here because the billing address is here."

Can this help raise more funds? "We're hopeful because our donations are down the last couple of years, and we attributed it to the younger generation not carrying cash. Now this will give those who don't pay cash the opportunity to donate as little as a dollar or as much as they want," says Krajna. 



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