Explore & More Museum nets $1 million donation

New Era, Buffalo Bills and Sabres Foundations team up to help

Tim Wenger
May 02, 2017 - 10:47 am

WBEN Photo - Tim Wenger


Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - With a couple weeks to go before the shovels hit the ground for the new Explore and More Children's Museum in the Canalside district of Buffalo, officials gathered to announce a $1 million charitable gift to help in construction from the New Era Cap Foundation, Buffalo Bils Foundation and Buffalo Sabres Foundation.  The announcement was made on the 7th floor of Harborcenter, overlooking the construction site for the much-anticipated museum.

“At New Era, we’re best known for our partnerships with the major sports leagues. But equally as important is our desire to fuel a passion for sports in the next generation,” said Chris Koch, president and CEO, New Era. “We’re proud to support this educational play zone at Explore & More Children’s Museum and to invest in our community’s children through a sports experience they can appreciate and learn from - whether they’re an athlete or a fan.”

The Playing Together educational play zone will be the most high-tech and physically challenging part of the Canalside museum. It will create experiences that make it easy for children and families to be active together, promoting the value of daily play and physical activity. With a focus on education through sport, the Playing Together zone will pay homage to Buffalo’s beloved teams and inspire the next generation of athletes and fans.

Today’s gift joins a previously announced $1 million contribution from Delaware North to fully fund an exhibit that will expand and enhance educational play experience, encouraging movement, exercise, and healthy living while engaging children and families in a hands-on celebration of our beloved Buffalo sports teams.

“When you are looking to make the biggest impact on the most lives in our community, you couldn’t imagine better partners than the Buffalo Bills Foundation, the Buffalo Sabres Foundation and New Era Cap Foundation,” said Explore & More Board President Barry Swartz. “The synergy of these organizations working together for the benefit of our children will compound the return on investment in ways we haven’t seen before. We are truly excited by the opportunities that will now be available for the children of Buffalo.”

“Inherent in the design, Explore & More at Canalside will be both for and about Buffalo,” said Phillips Lytle Partner and Explore & More Capital Campaign Chair David McNamara. “Throughout the planning, we’ve listened to hundreds of Buffalonians, and the common vision that has emerged is for an expanded focus on active life styles and getting children and families moving and playing together. Thanks to the generous commitment of the New Era Cap Foundation, the Buffalo Bills Foundation and Buffalo Sabres Foundation today, along with a prior $1 million investment from Delaware North — we are able to turn that vision into a reality for Buffalo’s children.”

WATCH New Era's Chris Koch on the $1 million donation


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