Erie County Sheriff's Office Received Accreditation

Program lasts five years

Mike Baggerman
September 19, 2017 - 4:15 pm

WBEN Photo/Mike Baggerman


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) - The Erie County Jail Management Division received recognition from the New York State Sheriff's Association as an accredited jail agency on Tuesday afternoon.

"Only half of the state's 62 counties have been able to achieve accreditation," Peter R. Kehoe, Executive Director of the Sheriff's Association, said. 

Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard began seeking accreditation at the beginning of the year and it wasn't until July when a team of independent assessors reviewed the policies, procedures, and performance against 166 individual standards. 

"An important part of every law enforcement agency is public trust," Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard said. "Of course the sheriff is going to tell you how wonderful it is but when you have an outside people come in and evaluate it, the public is more apt to trust it and more apt to accept it. It's definitely not the facility it was 15 years ago. (We recognize) the county had something to do with giving us the resources we need to get back to that."

Howard added that cooperation increases as a result of public trust and less resources would be used to prove false allegations against his office, which means more resources to create additional programs.

"It tends to reduce the incidents of lawsuits and liability and reduce insurance costs because of fewer lawsuits and far fewer successful lawsuits," Kehoe said. 

The assessors examined everything from the facility management, budget monitoring, inmate management, staff training, security and supervision, emergency preparedness, transportation, safety, sanitation, maintenance, and inmate programs and services.

Howard credited an increase in staffing and training as one of the key factors leading to accreditation. 

The accreditation will last until September 2022. 

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