Emergency Drill to Take Over Medical Campus

Full Scale Exercise Will Close Streets into Afternoon

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - The University at Buffalo and Buffalo Medical Campus will be undergoing extensive emergency training exercises throughout the day on Thursday.

What is being called a 'full scale exercise' will last into the afternoon, with several streets being closed around the medical campus.People should expect a heavy law enforcement, fire, and emergency services presence throughout the area.

Washington Street will be closed between High Street and Carlton Street for the duration of the exercise.

"The idea is to try and build coordination between the law enforcement and first responders in our area and University Police," said Mike Andrei with UB. "Not to be overly dramatic, but during 9-11, on all the radio frequencies, they didn't talk to each other. Each exercise, that's the kind of thing that we want to work on."

While the example s dramatic, there's a reason it's the worst case scenario that first responders need to prepare for.

"Fortunately, a disaster of that magnitude is something we don't see very often, if at all," Kaleida Emergency Management Director Tim Kornacki said. "Because we don't see it, we need to train on that, we need to prepare for it, we need to be as prepared as we can for any circumstances attached to a disaster of that magnitude."

Despite the scope of the drill, organizers are hopeful it will be complete by 2:30 in the afternoon.

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