Elmwood Avenue Business Owner's Struggles with Chason Affinity

NES Signs evicted from business location

Mike Baggerman
November 13, 2017 - 3:18 pm

Rendering of Chason Affinity Project


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) - As Chason Affinity's project continues in Buffalo's Elmwood Village, a local business owner updated WBEN on Monday about what's happening with his business.

Clarence Carnahan, the owner of NES Signs, a exclusively neon sign store located at 1121 Elmwood Avenue, was evicted by city marshal's following a court order on Friday.

"I was in communication with Chason Affinity, asking them for more time," Carnahan said in a phone interview with WBEN on Monday. "I explained the situation to them. They told me I had to be out."

He and his attorneys attempted to extend their stay at the current location on Thursday, though the judge denied the extension and he was removed the next day.

"My attorney called me late (Sunday) night and told me (Chason Affinity) wanted me to sign a waiver," he said. "I still haven't seen it. I told that I was a little hesitant to sign anything. They did tell me they would allow me back in (Monday)."

He said he's removing his possessions on Monday but isn't sure whether he'll be allowed to go into his location again on Tuesday or Wednesday. 

"If I don't sign this waiver they're not going to let me in after (Monday)," he said. "It's like they're putting me under distress. They want me to sign a waiver yet I'm trying to get my things out."

Carnahan said his Chason Affinity is hindering his small business. His new business location is at 1599 Elmwood Avenue, and he's asking his customers to be patient as he still has many boxes to unpack, so he can't make any outgoing phone calls.

Chason Affinity did not return WBEN's calls for comment.

LISTEN: Clarence Carnahan, owner of NES Signs, gives an update on his situation with Chason Affinity


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