Elia Orders Hearing on Buffalo School Board vs. Paladino

Set for June 22nd in Albany

Tom Puckett
April 18, 2017 - 4:46 pm

WBEN Photo - Tim Wenger


Buffalo, NY (WBEN) June 22nd is the date when the Buffalo School Board will be able to present its side in an effort to remove Carl Paladino from the board in front of the state education department. Commissioner MaryEllen Elia issued the order Tuesday afternoon.

The board's majority claims Paladino acted inappropriately in disclosing confidential information gathered in an executive session in December.  The board adds Paladino disclosed in an Artvoice article confidential information about collective barganing negotiations.

Paladino's attorney Dennis Vacco says he's pleased by the decision. "For a couple of weeks, we were concerned the petitioners and maybe even the state education department would be pushing for a determination to be made here without due process," says Vacco, adding he presented affidavits to the education commissioner, only for that to be rejected.

Vacco denies the allegations the information disclosed was confidentiality. "We've also made it quite clear we believe this petition focused on confidentiality is subterfuge to get at him for his constitutionally protected free speech" for comments Paladino made about the Obamas in Artvoice magazine.


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