Demand for Dahlin Jerseys Already High

Sporting goods store awaits jersey number assignment

Tom Puckett
June 25, 2018 - 4:00 am

AP Photo


Amherst, NY (WBEN) As Buffalo Sabres fans revel over the selection of Rasmus Dahlin with the first pick in the NHL Draft Friday night, sporting goods stores are getting ready for the demand of Dahlin jerseys.

"We have blank jerseys at our letterers ready to go, so they certainly can make the nameplates ahead of time," says Joe Eckl of Laux Sporting Goods. "They'll have the nameplates ready to go, and they'll wait for the official number. Once that's announced, everything will be sewn on and available to us almost immediately."

Eckl says there is increased demand for any new player, but for someone of Dahlin's stature, it's even more so. "We're talking dozens already, and we're taking pre-orders for the jerseys because once we have the number officially, they'll be ready immediately," explains Eckl.

He says it reminds him of another top draft pick three years ago. "The anticipation for another player of Jack Eichel's status is fantastic. People in Buffalo have been waiting to get back to their old selves, so with Dahlin on the roster, we're going to go in that direction."

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