Delaware North is Saying No to Plastic Drinking Straws

The Buffalo-based Company Trying to Curb Plastic Waste



Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - Delaware North, one of the largest hospitality and food service companies in the world, is doing its part to cut down on plastic pollution.   The company, with it's headquarters here in Buffalo, used Earth Day to launch a campaign called
The Last Straw.  Deb Friedel, Director of Sustainability said Delaware North is no longer offering straws with beverages - unless requested.

"It can make a big difference" said Friedel.  "Just in our travel hospitality subsidiary alone, we used 8.1 million straws in 2017. That's quite a few.  Each action can reduce that plastic waste".    

It's estimated that 500 million straws are discarded every day and they end up in landfills and waterways.  "Skipping a straw is a small and easy step that can have a ripple effect" said Friedel.

 “As a company with a global footprint, it’s important that we take steps to minimize our impact on the environment,” said Kevin Kelly, president of Delaware North’s travel business. “Plastic waste is being addressed at many levels, including with legislation in several states and municipalities, so we want to be part of that movement and find solutions in our operations to help cut back on waste and improve our environment.”

Just at the Buffalo Airport last year, more than 390-thousand straws were served in drinks to guests. 




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