DeGraff ER Dedicated Today

Expanded ER will have 17 treatment rooms

Tom Puckett
November 13, 2018 - 4:00 am

North Tonawanda, NY (WBEN) The dedication of an expanded emergency room takes place at DeGraff Memorial Hospital this morning.

The department will more than double its size, says Kaleida CEO Jody Lomeo. "It's an $8 million investment into DeGraff. Quite honestly, it's been a long time coming, it's something the community deserves," says Lomeo.

The expanded ER will have:

17 private patient rooms with televisions

Trauma Room

Dedicated bariatric room

Airborne isolation room

Decontamination area suitable for current and emerging infectious diseases

Increased family space

Non-glare lighting

Slip-proof flooring

Signage featuring oversized lettering for improved ease of reading by our senior patients and visitors

Lomeo says the layout resembles the Oishei Children's Hospital, which opened one year ago. "Lots of glass and the flow from a patient perspective and care provider perspective is much, much better," says Lomeo.

Lomeo says this should put an end to critics. "For years we've heard how DeGraff is closing and how it's not a significant asset to Kaleida. I think it puts that to bed and really positions DeGraff in its rightful spot as being incredibly important to the Northtows," explains Lomeo.

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