Dealing with College Costs

Tuition and fees cover 40 percent of college costs

Tom Puckett
July 23, 2018 - 4:00 am

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) You may be scratching your head or pulling out your hair when it comes to paying for college. You're not alone as some of the costs of going to college are increasing.

The College Board says tuition and fees make up nearly 40 percent of the total budget for in-state students living on campus at public four-year institutions. The total is around $25,000, and if you're going to a four year private school, the cost is double.

But Ken Macur of Medaille College says don't be shocked over sticker price. "Gross tuition continues to climb each year, however, net tuition has held flat to under the cost of living adjustments for inflation," explains Macur. "With room and board, you're seeing normal increases with the cost of inflation." He says in Buffalo, extra money for room and board is a luxury items folks choose to pay, rather than have to pay. 

Macur says books are a costs colleges are trying to curb. "While college textbooks tend to be expensive, what we're seeing more colleges do is go to electronic textbooks to keep the cost manageable," says Macur.

That's also being done at Daemen College. "A lot of college professors are doing everything they can to provide instructional materials they have created themselves," says Gary Olson. He adds housing costs have been lowered to make it affordable for students. 

Olson says costs go up because the college's operational costs creep up. He says budget in advance when you know your child nears college age. But he adds, compare to see if the college of choice that's more expensive is worth it. "College A may cost a bit more than College B, but you'll get more personal attention or a certain quality program at College A you won't get at College B."


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