David Bellavia Day in Buffalo

"Our country first. Always"

Tim Wenger
November 19, 2019 - 3:58 pm

WBEN Photo/Tim Wenger


Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) -  "Buffalonians, we're tough people.  We take care of our own."

With those words, Medal of Honor recipient David Bellavia proudly wore his stunning blue award around his neck and accepted honors from city leaders in Buffalo. 

First, Bellavia was the recipient of a proclamation in Buffalo Common Council chambers and later moved down to the second floor office of Mayor Byron Brown for a proclamation.  Mayor Brown read from the proclamation that declares Tuesday, November 19, 2019 as David Bellavia Day.

"The city of Buffalo has raised a whole lot of sons and daughters to go and serve", said Bellavia as he accepted the proclamation and a gift from Mayor Brown.

Less than an hour before, Bellavia stood on the floor of Common Council chambers to accept a proclamation and noted how proud he is to travel the country on behalf of the US Army and call Buffalo home.  "Our military has always been put on a pedestal everywhere I've gone in the city of Buffalo", said Bellavia in brief remarks in council chambers.

"Some of those guys I expected to get swung at by", quipped Bellavia as he emerged from the council ceremony and talked with reporters in the hallway.  Bellavia was joking about his politics which often are at odds with many elected leaders in city hall.  Those differences were nowhere to be found during the appearances by Bellavia as he posed for photos with a handful of elected officials and numerous city hall workers who came out to see an American hero.

"They're patriots above political party", said Bellavia of the lawmakers who welcomed him in their chambers for the hometown honors.

Bellavia continues to travel the country on behalf of the Army but continues to get asked about his decision to step away from candidacy in a special election for the vacant NY27 Congressional seat.  "We've got to put aside our own personal desires to do what's best for this community", said Bellavia when asked about NY27.  Bellavia's response made it appear as though he's leaving the door open to Congress, someday.  "I want to be of service and I want to lead.  And if I can do that in elected office that's great.....but I know right now I'm being relied upon and counted on", added Bellavia.

David Bellavia Honors in Mayor Byron Brown's Office

David Bellavia Honors in Buffalo Common Council Chambers





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