Cynthia Nixon Forced to Make Buffalo Venue Switch

Community center says no to event, forces last minute change

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Cynthia Nixon was scheduled to make her first campaign stop in Buffalo Wednesday, but a last minute venue change left organizers scrambling.

The event was supposed to take place at the Agustin Olivencia Community Center on Swan Street, but people who work there told WBEN Wednesday morning that they weren't aware Nixon's visit was part of a campaign, and would not allow the event to happen because they do not host political events.

Jim Anderson is with the Nixon campaign, and said that change in tone shocked him.

"It was agreed that we could use this place," Anderson said. "When the call was made... the caller from our organization called back and let them know that we were doing the event for Cynthia Nixon. There was no pushback."

Instead, Anderson thinks the community center's move was itself political. 

"This to me is a clear example of what happens every political season, where certain elements of the community are put in a bind because they don't want to rock the boat," Anderson said. "They don't want to lose favor with some politicians. It should not be about losing favor with politicians."

The economic development community roundtable ultimately took place at The 9th Ward on Delaware Avenue. Following the discussion, Nixon pinned some of the blame for the schedule snafu on the governor.

"Seems like the governor really didn't want us meeting there today so we got bumped despite paying market rate for the space," Nixon told reporters. "The community center didn't feel like they could risk it. So we moved to another community center and got kicked out of that one, too."

While the Agustin Olivencia center says it is not used for political events, photos online show the event was used last summer for the Grease Poll festival, which was sponsored by Mayor Byron Brown and Councilman David Rivera.

WBEN has reached out to officials from the governor's office and the community center for additional comment. The community center did not return our call and a spokesperson for the governor's office directed us to the following twitter handle:

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