Curfew takes hold as demonstrators voluntarily dissipate

BPD met face to face with protesters in Niagara Square

WBEN Newsroom
June 02, 2020 - 10:47 pm
Buffalo Police

Buffalo Police march in formation toward Niagara Square Tuesday evening/WBEN Photo


Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - As demonstrators reacting to police violence and the death of George Floyd continue to make their presence known in Buffalo, Tuesday's demonstrations were peaceful and demonstrators voluntarily left Niagara Square without incident.

Only a handful of demonstrators remained as the sun was setting and the 8pm curfew kicked into place.  A massive contingent of Buffalo Police and Erie County Sheriff law enforcement officers could be seen in Niagara Square slowly marching toward demonstrators who had their hands raised and gradually backed away and out of Niagara Square.

The quiet end to the gatherings Tuesday was in sharp contrast to the violent end to protests Monday when three law enforcement officers were injured by an SUV that ran a barricade.

On Tuesday afternoon, Buffalo Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood and community relations officer 'Mo' Badger could be seen in Niagara Square in conversation with demonstrators and vowing to set up a formal time when they can discuss their concerns.

Late Tuesday, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown told reporters the discussion between the police hierarchy and demonstrators was fruitful. "It was a very good dialogue," said Brown.

The curfew in Buffalo between the hours fo 8pm and 5am is in place through the weekend and is scheduled to expire Monday morning at 5am.

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