Cuomo: Special Election "Sooner Rather Than Later"

Tells WAMC "Western New York deserves a seat"

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(WBEN) - When, if at all, might a special election take place for the seat in NY-27?

It's up to Governor Andrew Cuomo to call for a special election for the now-vacant Congressional seat. He talked about when he might do that this morning on WAMC.

"Western New York deserves a seat. We have a lot going on in Western New York, a lot of good things going on," Cuomo told WAMC. "Democrat or Republican, Western New York deserves representation. I would be inclined to fill the vacancy sooner rather than later."

How Soon?

"I don't believe, legally, I can call it for this November," Cuomo said. "I tend to shy away from having numerous elections, but I can't do it for this November. The question is when can I do it. Sooner rather than later."

The next available date when there will be people heading to the polls is April 28, the date of the Democratic Presidential primary.

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