Cuomo: Mother Nature Likes to Test Us with Tornado

Twisters hit Erie County Fairgrounds, Holland

Tom Puckett
July 20, 2017 - 8:44 pm

Hamburg, NY (WBEN) Governor Cuomo took a look at the damage caused by Thursday's tornado in Hamburg.

Cuomo says he's grateful no one was killed in the storm. "Extensive property damage can be fixed. Debris can be removed. As long as we haven't lost human life, we're ahead of the game." He says 200 generators to help those without power as result of storm. As many as 23,000 were without power, now 6,000-7,000 with no power. 100 National Guard members will help remove debris.

Cuomo says neighboring power companies are on way now to help those with no power.

He says "Mother Nature likes to test us" citing Snowvember in 2014, and last week's flash floods. He says Buffalo and Erie County were ready for the storm.

Cuomo says an assessment of damage must be made first. State and federal funds to assist in recovery depend on whether County can handle costs.



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